About Us

How Established Intense Pharma Inc.?

Our organization, which started operating in January 2016, is headquartered in Istanbul and serves all over Turkey. Founding members, management staff and field team are formed by those who have experience in the pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical products market in the sector. It is important that the pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical products that our company has in the field and planned to join newly are innovative products. Our organization is established under the human health in the field of health that it serves, aiming to contribute.


What Kind of Institution Intense Pharma Inc.?

Intense Pharma Inc. is a "learning and developing organization". Constantly developing, renewing and growing are among our ideals. In order to be able to contribute to "human health", we continuously follow the globalizing world, inform all our members in our world and constantly act with the belief that "there is no age and time for learning". All of our products are sold in pharmacies only through the pharmacy warehouses.

Who is The Team of Intense Pharma Inc.?

It is made up of individuals who attach importance to human health, who are experienced, who continuously update their information and love to innovate, who are open to development, successful in globalization, desire to work in it. We are very careful to be a strong team that emphasizes the importance of education by sharing our experiences and experiences with the people in our team. Each person in our team is a part of "our family". Because we give our family the same value we give to our teammates, we are constantly renewing our company to give you the best service and we continue to develop our products to make you feel healthier.

What Attention is Paid to the Business Application for Intense Pharma Inc.?

In order to be an organization on a strong, reliable and sound foundation, we take the principle of "People first" as our business strategies are passed on. We want candidates who want to participate in my world to work with us in line with the same principles and targets.

When choosing our employees, the most important things to pay attention to us is to ensure that our organization continues to cultivate the organization by choosing the individuals who will carry our organization to the future, transfer to the generations, qualified, experienced, giving importance to development, We take care to evaluate all individuals who are employed in the business application in the direction of "equality of opportunity".

We expect our employees to always put bigger and better targets, to achieve their goals and to make us proud. Our feedbacks to our employees who fulfill the business goals given in this regard will be promoted to positions open and / or planned to be opened, and we will make sure that our company takes new steps to grow.